CLARIN-UK is a consortium of UK researchers and research institutions who have resolved to work together to contribute to the construction and operation of the CLARIN European Research Infrastructure and take part in related activities. The UK joined the CLARIN ERIC as an Observer in July 2015. The application to join was submitted by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, following discussions also involving STFC, ESRC, and JISC. The UK is now moving towards full membership, with status as an 'Extraordinary Observer' guaranteed until the end of 2024. CLARIN is also part of the UK national research infrastructure. You can see the entry in the UK's Research and Innovation Infrastructure Portal here.

CLARIN is a means to share language data, tools and expertise in support of research across the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences.

Get in touch with CLARIN-UK to join the consortium, or to find out more, by contacting martin.wynne@ling-phil.ox.ac.uk.

Anyone is also free to join the mailing list clarin-uk@jiscmail.ac.uk. You can also subscribe and unsubscribe, adjust your preferences, and view the archive of messages on the JISCmail website.

Find out who is involved with CLARIN-UK by clicking on the main menu link for 'Centres' above.

Read lots more about CLARIN activities across Europe at the website clarin.eu.