#LancsBox is a new-generation software package for the analysis of language data and corpora developed at Lancaster University. The latest version, #LancsBox X, was released in early 2023, and is available from a new dedicated website:


The main features of #LancsBox are:

  • Works with your own data or existing corpora.
  • Can be used by linguists, language teachers, historians, sociologists, educators and anyone interested in language.
  • Visualizes language data.
  • Analyses data in any language.
  • Automatically annotates data for part-of-speech.
  • Works with any major operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Acknowledgements: The development of #LancsBox was supported by ESRC grants ES/K002155/1 and EP/P001559/1.#LancsBox uses the multiple 
third-party tools and libraries: Apache Tika, Gluegen, Groovy, JOGL, minlog, QuestDB, RSyntaxTextArea, smallseg and TreeTagger.