LatinISE Corpus

The LatinISE corpus is a text corpus collected from the LacusCurtius, Intratext and Musisque Deoque websites. Corpus texts have rich metadata containing information including genre, title, century and specific dates.

The corpus is available in two versions. In the later version ('version 4') of the corpus, the high-frequency lemmas have been manually corrected and sentence boundaries have been added. Both corpora are available via the Sketch Engine platform. Full details at the CLARIN-CZ LINDAT repository via the following links:

This Latin corpus was built by Barbara McGillivray and is described in the following publication:

McGillivray, B. and Kilgarriff, A. (2013). Tools for historical corpus research, and a corpus of Latin. In Paul Bennett, Martin Durrell, Silke Scheible, Richard J. Whitt (eds.), New Methods in Historical Corpus Linguistics. Tùˆbingen: Narr.