CLARIN Book - out now

Image of the CLARIN book cover at the launch event

The publication of this open-access volume marks CLARIN’s 10-year-anniversary as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium, and is edited by Darja Fišer (University of Ljubljana) and Andreas Witt (Leibniz Institute for the German Language Mannheim).

The book, launched at CLARIN2022, is the first volume  in a new series on Digital Linguistics, published by De Gruyter and provides a comprehensive overview of CLARIN, its members, its goals and functioning, as well as of the tools and resources hosted by the infrastructure. The many contributors representing various fields, from computer science to law and psychology, analyse a wide range of topics, such as the technology behind the CLARIN infrastructure, the use of CLARIN resources in diverse research projects, the achievements of selected national CLARIN consortia, and the challenges that CLARIN has faced and will face in the future.