The 10th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference will be held 23-28 May 2016 in Portorož, Slovenia. A number of researchers from CLARIN-UK Consortium member centres will be there.

Paul Rayson and other UCREL researchers from Lancaster University are among the authors of four papers:

  • OSMAN - A Novel Arabic Readability Metric, Mahmoud El-Haj and Paul Rayson
  • Learning Tone and Attribution for Financial Text Mining, Mahmoud El-Haj, Paul Rayson, Steve Young, Andrew Moore, Martin Walker, Thomas Schleicher and Vasiliki Athanasakou
  • UPPC - Urdu Paraphrase Plagiarism Corpus, Muhammad Sharjeel, Paul Rayson and Rao Muhammad Adeel Nawab
  • Lexical Coverage Evaluation of Large-scale Multilingual Semantic Lexicons for Twelve Languages,  Scott Piao, Paul Rayson, Dawn Archer, Francesca Bianchi, Carmen Dayrell, Mahmoud El-Haj, Ricardo-María Jiménez, Dawn Knight, Michal Kren, Laura Löfberg, Rao Muhammad Adeel Nawab, Jawad Shafi, Phoey Lee Teh and Olga Mudraya

Serge Sharoff from the University of Leeds is co-author and co-organiser of:

Sophia Ananiadou from the University of Manchester and Wim Peters from the University of Sheffield are among the organisers of the following workshop:

And as well as the above, colleagues from Sheffield are involved in the following papers:

  • Challenges of Evaluating Sentiment Analysis Tools on Social Media, Diana Maynard and Kalina Bontcheva
  • Legal Text Interpretation: Identifying Hohfeldian Relations from Text, Wim Peters and Adam Wyner
  • Identifying content types of messages related to Open Source Software projects, Ioannis Korkontzelos, Paul Thompson and Sophia Ananiadou
  • A Document Repository for Social Media and Speech Conversations, Adam Funk, R. Gaizauskas and Benoit Favre
  • GATE-Time: Extraction of Temporal Expressions and Events, Leon Derczynski, Jannik Strötgen, Diana Maynard, Mark A. Greenwood and Manuel Jung
  • What’s the Issue Here?: Task-based Evaluation of Reader Comment Summarization Systems, Emma Barker, Adam Funk, Monica Paramita, Emina Kurtic, Ahmet Aker, Jonathan Foster, Mark Hepple and R. Gaizauskas

The full list of papers and workshops for the conference can be seen on the LREC conference website.