NLP Tools for Historical Texts

Poster with details fo the workshop

A workshop was held in Berlin in September 2019 to investigate the state of the art in software for processing historical varieties of languages. There were participants from 13 diffierent countries, including three from the UK, from the Universities of Glasgow, Lancaster and Oxford.

The workshop is part of CLARIN’s mission to provide and support NLP for research in the humanities and social sciences. Implementing and improving tagging and lemmatization for historical documents is key to improving access to text collections, and as a first step towards distributional semantics and ‘big data’ approaches, and towards enabling new types of research

The blog poast is by Martin Wynne and can be found on the BBAW lingusitics blog here. A resource guide to relevant tools will be published soon by CLARIN.

The CLARIN web page for the event is found here.