The Diorisis Ancient Greek Corpus

An annotated corpus of literary Ancient Greek sourced from the Perseus Canonical Greek Lit repository, “The Little Sailing” digital library, and the Bibliotheca Augustana digital library. The corpus consists of 820 texts spanning between the beginnings of the AG literary tradition (Homer) and the fifth century AD, and it consists of 10,206,421 words.

The corpus is available from Figshare. Full details at the CLARIN-CZ LINDAT repository via the following link:

This corpus was built by Alessandro Vatri (University of Oxford) and Barbara McGillivray (King's College London) and is described in the following publication: Vatri, A., & McGillivray, B. (2018). The Diorisis Ancient Greek Corpus, Research Data Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 3(1), 55-65. doi: