LancsBox X free online training

brand new version of #LancsBox X released 15 April 2024, there is an opportunity to register for a free online training event “LancsBox X for Applied linguistics: A practical introduction for researchers and educators”, which will take place Friday 19 April, 12:00 UK time.

The event is organised by EuroCALL CorpusCALL SIG.


This workshop will first introduce #LancsBox X, a software package designed for the ease of use in research and pedagogical contexts. It can be used with very large corpora and is therefore suitable for the exploration of general corpora representing a number of different genres/registers as well as specialised corpora.  #LancsBox X offers an innovative architecture and user experience, which allows intuitive engagement with existing corpora as well as analysis of users’ own data. In the second part of the workshop, we will demonstrate different ways in which #LancsBox X can be employed in language teaching, with particular focus on using British National Corpus 2014 to teach about features of spoken English and genre-related differences in language use. The workshop does not presuppose any technical or statistical knowledge. #LancsBox X can be downloaded for free from Speakers are Dana Gablasova and Vaclav Brezina.

New features include:

  • n-grams and skip-grams with large corpora
  • key n-grams and skip-grams
  • new visualizations now including rich word clouds
  • tag corpora (pos, headword, semantic category, syntactic dependency etc.) and download them to your computer
  • lighting fast complex searches (ADJECTIVE NOUN VERB ADVERB) and table sorting

 Read more about these innovations at a CASS blogpost: