Stylistics Research Group

Photo of Linguistics at Huddersfield building

The University of Huddersfield disbanded the Linguistics department and the Stylistics Research Group in 2022.

The Centre provided a focal point for research and pedagogy in stylistics (the linguistic analysis of style in literary and non-literary discourse), one of the key research areas of Linguistics and Modern Languages at Huddersfield, with an international reputation for  work in stylistics. The Centre regularly welcomed visiting scholars and had, at any one time, around 20 PhD students based at the centre. 

Our approach to stylistics was inclusive and encompasses the analysis of both literary and non-literary discourse from a perspective that places stylistics firmly within the discipline of linguistics. Our areas of specific expertise included the following:

  • Cognitive stylistics

  • Corpus stylistics

  • Critical stylistics

  • Historical stylistics

  • Literary stylistics

  • Pedagogical stylistics

  • Pragmatic stylistics

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